DMW boss, David Adeleke, aka Davido, has revealed another side to his money making skills, going by a video of his our radar picked up lately. It turns out however that his game is more than music as the video reveals a gambling side to the Aye crooner’s hustle.

In the amateur video which that captures him rolling dice with a couple of guys in what obviously looks like a kitchen, Davido gets seriously involved in the dollar hustle.

What was not immediately clear however was whether he was only merely trying to hug the streets by identifying with their game or if this gambling side is real hustle for him. If the latter is the case, then, Davido may yet be in for a big buzz as many only know him for his music and Omo Baba Olowo status. But Davido, the gambler? Will definitely shock many in the league of his reportedly stupendously rich dad.

What are the image implications of gambling for Davido, you might want to ask? Many. For one, he may have issues with a certain class of his fans who see dice gambling as a vice. He may also get into trouble with his family, if they disapprove of such display. Brand appeal-wise, he might also hurt his ability to connect with brand ambassadorship against the backdrop of society generally frowning at such behaviour, leaving the only upside to this action to his appeal and connect with the streets. But even at that, many still perceive his affluence as more of a product of is Rich Dad-Rich Son relationship rather than the pure music hustle.

But then, after all said and done, Davido might just be saying “hey, y’all, I’m just a kid growing up!

What do you think about this gambling side to Davido’s game?