Yes it’s not good to talk ill about the dead, but let’s be factual here, a student sent to school to learn and acquire a degree shouldn’t be involved with a man old enough to be with her father.

Although many of this young ladies do attribute poverty and means of survival to the reason behind them having a sugar daddy.

But in the real sense many of them just want to live big in campus, the quest to own expensive pieces has driven many into this act.

The deceased who happens to be in her year 2 died on Monday morning after attending a party with a sugar daddy whom she recently met on Sunday night.

According to her friends that were present when the incident took place, the deceased, Blessing Adaeze Nnamani, was dropped at her resident by the said Sugar Daddy on Monday morning, August 1st 2016, But shortly after she alighted from the vehicle said to be a Sport Utility Van (SUV) jeep, she started vomiting blood and before her friends would rush her to the hospital, she had given up the ghost.

She was later buried on Wednesday at her home town, Nkanu Local Government Area, Enugu State on Wednesday, 3rd of August 2016.