Many a man’s heart desire will be to marry a beautiful and adorable wife like Biola Ige, but the young lady is not enthusiastic about marriage any more.


When the Osun State born actress and graduate of Economics from the University of Jos, was asked why she is not in any known relationship or married she responded sharply “I am not searching”

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Sensing she might join the long list of Nollywood stars having children with no father in sight, we asked why so many young stars are ignoring the honorable institution of marriage and having children out of wed lock she replied

““Majority of children born to lone mothers in the industry could not correctly be deemed “unplanned” rather, many were planned or actively sought. And the majority were somewhere in the middle between planned and unplanned.

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These women want a way of establishing lasting relationships, to have an extension of their beloved piece while some can be related to their financially and impoverished circumstances,” she said.

Next she let us know her disgust with the institution of marriage ““As we all know, marriage doesn’t guarantee anything anymore, because it’s not like it used to be with our parents, as infidelity, domestic violence, drug and alcohol problems is almost a universal problem among men,” she added.©