There was a time Nollywood actor Uti Nwachukwu was considered a scum bag in the industry. He was not the only one who suffered from the harsh environment that they met nine years ago but also award winning actress  Lydia Forson.

Uti narrated  “9 year apart and look what we have become(sic),”  and Lydia added.“I still remember that day in the restaurant. We couldn’t even afford what we wanted,”

Uti continued “In the year 2007, at the Next Movie Star, Lydia Forson and I were labeled the ones who would least likely make it,” the actor says today adding, “We were different alright. We stuck together and called ourselves the ‘Posh and Becks’ of Africa..( Don’t ask)…Looked out for each other and went through friends, frienemies, lovers and an adventurous eventful thriving career. ..Ahh the long phone calls”


He didn’t spare the embarrassing events like “We couldn’t afford chow until we sold empty bottle crates of beer(sic),” Uti says and Lydia said “As for the empty bottle, we used some of the money to go watch that movie.”


Today, the two of them have become hot celebrities that make statement in their careers.