This is really a pathetic situation. This incident could have been averted if the deceased had employed a security man from a registered company who recruit people.

It’s safer, as background checks would have been done on the person, as well as full details would have been submitted, rather that employing a random person you hardly know anything about due to the fact that they are cheap.

50 year old woman, Mabel Mang Okafor who owns a property worth over 300 million in VGC was murdered in her room by her gate man.

It was said that the security man had only spent two months with her and was demanding for a raised of 10,000 to make his income 30,000 monthly.

The deceased was said to have disagreed and this got the security man angry and boasted to his friends that he would deal with his boss.

It was also discovered that some of her money, jewelries and all phones were missing, while the doors were locked against her. 

It took about two days before her corpse was discovered as it was said she lived alone without any family member anywhere close.

Her corpse was discovered when her church members had come to pay her a visit only to find the heart wrecking situation.