Veteran actress Bimbo Akintola opened up on the Box office system in Nigeria. Bimbo started this acting business in 1997 when she was featured in Owo Blow but it was ‘Out of Bonds’ that gave her standing in Nollywood.


Talking about classic and disposable movies, “Sound of Music” is timeless. I can’t remember the last Hollywood film I saw. There are some stories , it’s like everything comes together at the same time to create a beautiful picture. The acting, the chemistry between the actors, the script, the technical, the director, everything comes together  to create a classic movie. When that synergy is right, the movie is everlasting.”

She said about the Nigerian box office system, “I think when we have enough cinemas in Nigeria, it will work as well. Because then you can go to a bank and say ‘my last film made 500 billion dollars and I have this person and that person, and I want to shoot another movie with the money based on that. Because then you can rate the movies, you can tell how much we are making on a daily basis. We can’t do that in Nigeria. We don’t have enough cinemas to say ‘box office’ really.”