Nollywood actor and veteran, Adebayo Salami, otherwise known as Oga Bello, has stated that the Western Media is killing African marriages

Speaking to the Punch, the actor said that Nigeria has lost its values and that more and more marriages are in danger because of Western values.

“As an African man, I must confess that we have lost our culture and that is the truth. We are emulating the western world too much and that is why we have so many problems in marriages today.” Oga Bello said

“If we go by the way our forefathers treated their wives and coordinated their homes, you would see that the things that are happening in the homes of young men and women ought not to happen. Do not emulate the western world,”

He also noted that while there should be the participation of women in politics, he believes that this should only be 40 percent

Oga Bello who is notable for his Yoruba movies, also explained why he isn’t as active anymore

“Maybe they refuse to invite me to participate in their TV series. I have produced some series but no one has invited me. I do not know why; maybe they are afraid of my acting prowess or they feel that I would not interpret their scripts well. I do not know.

“I am also a very busy person and they might have considered my tight schedule. However, if I see a good script, I would accept it.”