Is this another showbiz romance or were these two just working together?olofofos spotted adaora and jedi on tuesday december 2,2008 around 3.30pm at the local airport all happy and gisting and even laughing soloud that people turned to stare at what was so funny.hear the olofofos” adaora wore a lovely blue jacket on a denim pant and as they waited for their lugagge,they posed with their bayelsa state gift pack and kind of held hands,they later drove off in same car.infact its either theres a spark between thesetwo or they were acting in public.

”the next day,wednesday december 3,2008,news reached me that both had been working at the Aids awareness programme in bayelsa state and that explained the big bayelsa gift bags they held at the airport the previous day.also whispered is the fact that they were handsomely paid to be in bayelsa state…the olofofos says”the pay was quite big”this is good news.lets pray the forefathers prayers for them,”whatever Aids Campaign and bayelsa state government has brought together,let no one put asunder”(amen).

If however,they insist there is no spark between them,it would be nice to correct the impression by letting me know.meanwhile i wonder why people lie when they are reported to be dating the lie out of shame that the other person is not good enough?selah!

(if na one nightstand then we no need explanation oh).

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