Ayo was recently crowned best comedian(by miss ladi gombes last view concepts)at an award tagged diamond award for comedy.the price ayo won comes with a one million naira tag and a brand new infinity forerunner.how did ayo win this award?Vas2Net compiled the sms results of Nigerians and declared ayo winner but insiders swear the comedian has not as much as seen the tyre of any forerunner nor has he seen any money.hear the sources”infact the organisers of the awards are not picking his calls and are avoiding anything that has to do with fulfilling this promise”…and here we were thinking yahoo-yahoo only happens on the internet.well i would advice ayo to celebrate his award and ignore the fraudster company..they can prove me wrong by giving him his award,right?!join me and do the olu maintain dance…..’yahooooo,yahoooo,yahoooo yahoooo..”