jayjays garb:blue denim pants and white tee shirt.
uches garb: was garbed in black jeans and green tee shirt and a black cap shielding her face.
Gists merchants who were travelling spotted thIs duo on Monday, December 15, 2008 and had this to say ”they were flying business class and when they were crossing the customs workers in airport,custom officials and everyone else began to hail the footballer and in that comotion,both of them spotted each other and as they stood together to chat,there was more applaud for both of them”heres the conversation as recaped by the olofofo who stood near them.

jayjay-”uche where are you going to?”

uche-i am flying airfrance

jayjay-i didnt ask you which airline you are flying,i asked you where you are going to?

uche-(laughing)i am going to madrid.where are you going to?how is nkechi?

jayjay-south africa.will be back in nigeria next week.nkechi is fine.shes at home.

uche-me too.have a safe trip.

I have one request,can someone help me tell uche to hire a publicist?shes doing a good job because olofofos always spot her at the airport and always seem to be able to make out her concersations from her loud voice but i am tired of doing it this way.let her contact me if she likes and i will recommned a good publicist for her.hisss!(why is it that anytime i write about uche jumbo,bus drivers and conductors call me to curse me out and beg me to leave her alone?oga bus driver make una no call me this time oh,i go switch off my phone)

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