Nigerian Nollywood actor, William Uchemba who is based in the United States has revealed how he made it this far to be successful in life.The actor and comedian recently showed off his amazing mansion in the United States and many Nigerian were of doubt questioning how he makes his money.

William Uchemba is also known for his massive contribution to help the less privileged people in the society.

According to him, his patronizing ideas and business innovations come as a result of the zeal he has to succeed in life is what has made him be this successful.

He said;

“About 80 per cent of my ideas, inspirations and the path to follow for the future come from my bathroom. That’s why I felt it’s only fair to make it my second office solely because of its importance.

I realized that it is good to get new ideas and business innovations every now and then, but what is more impactful and key is; when you pen them down and start making plans to execute them.

If you leave an idea in your mind long enough and do nothing about it, it fizzles out with time, and most times that idea leaves you and goes to another person ready and hungry to execute it.

 One of the keys to greatness is; don’t just get ideas and chill about it, get on your laptop or notepad and get to work as fast as possible, because I have come to realize that procrastination is the mother of failure and unfulfilled dreams.

The shortest pen is far greater than the longest memory. Don’t ever take where your ideas comes from for granted because that is where the beginning of dominion is birthed.” William Uchemba revealed.