Nigerian Nollywood actor Aremu Afolayan who has now risen to be rich and popular has revealed how he had to struggle because his parent could not afford the better life for them.

Even being the son of late popular filmmaker, Adeyemi Afolayan fondly referred to as Ade Love, Aremu has issued that he never knew how to enjoy life while growing up.

According to him, his parent lived in a face me I face you house and in their street no rich person resides there, he did not have any chance to play with the rich kids.

Read his before fame story;

“I was born poor but I don’t know if my other brothers would say otherwise but I know that I was born poor in a makeshift wooden face-me-I-face-you house in a very poor area. Rich people never affiliated themselves with us or allowed their children to play with us.

In fact, we did not see them because there were no rich people in the area I grew up, everyone was poor. There was no life for me basically while I was growing up. I got to know where the airport is in 2006.

That was the year I would say I started to enjoy life a bit. I did not know anything about how to enjoy life while I was growing up and there was no one to enlighten me.

That is why I never took school seriously because I had to sell pepper soup for my mother. We would go to her shop by 3:30 pm when I returned from school. Then, we would get home at about 5 pm. This happened all through my formative years, it happened from 1991 till 2002.” Aremu disclosed.

Very few that have made it today have in one way or the other agree that they were born with a silver spoon, many other celebrities struggled to make it in life.