There is a serious fight going on a certain website about Genevieve Nnaji. I am in the middle of finals but my column needs to stay alive so I want to post this question to my “faithful” readers.

what is it that makes Genevieve so special? I admit she is a good actress and she is among the few actresses who make me watch our home movies.

Is it her beauty?


Acting skills?

The cold but come hither aura she possesses or has she done some great movies that have endeared her to people? (for me that’s it. That mischievous smile she gave Pete Edochie in super love when he could not find any work for her to do around the house again I thought it was cute. showed that her character is being torture yet that naughty child side of her is still there. it was real. of late though her movies do not do it for me. the stories are too recycled and the characters are all stuck. But before…yes)

We have all heard she is a big snob and many people have complained about her attitude fans and colleagues alike. But then, her lovers still abound, some have given very funny reasons for this like a mans fantasy, juju, people wish they were famous like her among others.

so, what is it about Miss Genevieve Nnaji?