Nigerian Afrobeat legend Olufela Olufemi Anikulapo Kuti, popularly known as Femi Kuti, has pleaded with his family to cremate his body when he dies. Kuti made this revelation during a performance on Sunday at the New Africa Shrine in Lagos.

Femi Kuti Warns Family

The 59-year-old noted that he doesn’t want to be buried amidst a loud ceremony but would want to be cremated in a close-knit burial ceremony.

The eldest of the late Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti said “When I die, please cremate me, burn my body. It is the most hygienic way.

“Have you all thought about Ikoyi cemetery, this Lagos has been in existence for let’s just say 60 years and people die, if they don’t die today, they will die tomorrow and that burial ground has never been full and if you check it, it is not like it’s 1 million acres since I was little when we used to bury people there.”

Femi Kuti, alongside his son Made Kuti, were among the Nigerians nominated for the 2022 Grammy Awards in one of the 86 categories.

Also, Singer D’Banj has made it clear to his colleagues that music alone is not enough to attain the luxury lifestyles they love as they need to add a little business to it.

D’Banj in a supposed interview with Premium Times made his colleagues understand that doing music alone can not sustain the luxurious lifestyle they love as they need to add a little business to it as others do.

According to him, if you google Jay-Z or Kanye West as billionaires doing music, you will realize that what they earn from music is just something small while the rest is from businesses they are doing and that’s what Nigerians need.

He then added that you can always make music and music will forever be in him and he’s always going to release music but music alone is not enough to attain that luxury lifestyle musicians love and he won’t say that it’s not profitable.

D’Banj believes that cashing out from music alone cannot attain or sustain the luxury musician lifestyle that most of his colleagues want or love as they need to add a business to it like Jay-Z and Kanye West among others are doing to cash out big.

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