Helen-Sosu Richmen, former Head, Creative Department of New Wave Production’s “Charly Boy Show” was a model, actress, author and the initiator of the Street University Project (TSUP). She spoke on style with Kehinde Falode.
Style to me

My definition of style is not going with what it is in vogue, although I try to get one or two trendy things in my wardrobe; but I do not go out of my way wearing those things everyone says are in vogue. I feel you can create your own style and fashion, things that only you can put on and at the end of the day, it will look very good on you, because there are things that you will put on that will look awful while it will look good on others. Just go for what suit your body shape not necessarily what is in vogue, something that makes you look catchy, decent and a little bit glamorous.

My personal style

My personal style is simple; I try to keep it as simple as possible. I wear a lot of jeans but if I have to go for native, I try to make it as simple as possible.

For someone who has worked in the past with Charley Boy, your style can not be simple.

My style is simple. When I was working for him, I was always in suit most of the time; for him, it was very important that I give that corporate image. So, while he was dressing in his ways, I was busy dressing very corporate, just to make sure that I was looking very official (formal). On personal level, I like to keep it classy but simple.

Fashion item can’t leave home without.



I think because of my face shape, I need to put something on to highlight (accentuate), even if I don’t wear necklace etc. It is important I put on my earrings, I guess it makes my face comes out better.

Fashion item you can’t be caught dead with

Arm ring (arm bracelet), you can’t catch me in that.

After you parted ways with Charley Boy, you wrote several books, what are you presently involved in?

Right now, I am into the Street University Project.

What is it all about?

It is actually a restructuring programme for the underprivileged youths on the streets, those who come from the ghetto/slumps, those who don’t have mentors to look up to or sharpen their lives. I have some people working with me, apart from organising seminars and workshops; it also involves T.V and radio stations.

What is your passion outside the office or it is all work and no play?

I find myself playing in my work, I write and at the same time find time to play and apart from this, I like watching movies.

Favourite colour


Red is perceived to be too loud. Why red?

I just find myself liking red and I feel I can combine it with other colours like black, white etc and it will come out nice. Even if it is a red bag or shoe or something, it sort of gives life to what you wear.

Favourite shoes and bag designer

I don’t think I have a particular one. I just go with those ones that fit me. I like Magnus because they make shoes for someone like me (those with big feet) but they are not my favorite.

What is your favourite jewelry, silver or gold?

I don’t have a favourite jewelry, I am not a gold or silver person, I like catchy jewelry: those with unique shape with beads as well. I don’t like the normal shaped jewelry.

Favourite car

Honda, they are sweet to drive and good for Nigerian roads.

Beauty tips/ routine

I take a lot of water and eat plenty of fruits. I use Skin Success products, the soap, cleanser, cream and even their mask. I detoxify like three times in a year.

How do you go about that and what is its essence?

It’s simple to detoxify (cleanse) and rejuvenate my system and skin. I use fruits and water for it. I will stay/ survive and depend on fruits and water only for minimum of three days and maximum of a week and in the process, I also lose weight. It is quite good. Daily, I cleanse my face with cleanser and I scrub once a week.

Favourite Nigerian fashion designer

I love Zizi. I love her creativity. She is highly talented.

Nigerian man or woman whose style appeals to me

Lady D’style is very nice and good, she is very creative. For men, Eddy Iroh, he dresses well and he is highly fashionable.

Favourite Nigerian fabric



I like Adire, you can express yourself a lot with it. You can pick so many things out of Adire.