IT is fast becoming a trend and a very disturbing one at that in the Nigerian entertainment industry for acts to be involved in one form of accident or the other. It has so far been a miracle the way most of them have escaped death (although some were not so lucky).
Hip Hop Award winner Wande Cole recently was involved in a car crash on his way to a concert and is presently under-going treatment in a hospital in South-Africa. P-Square were also involved in a car crash sometime last year and recently had a sore date with armed robbers. Veteran actor Alade Aromire died recently from a ghastly car crash, and I.D Cabasa narrowly escaped a robbery attack, just to mention a few. And just recently, popular hip hop group X-project also reportedly got involved in a fatal accident.
According to sources, the artistes were returning to Lagos from a concert which held in the Eastern part of Nigeria. Four people died instantly among the passengers in the bus, but we thank God that no member of the group was hurt as they all made it out of the bus in one piece.