claim to fame:movie black bra(you add notice me syndrome if you like).
gists merchants spotted this actress in an italian bar/club on the above mentioned date dancing wildly and having wild fun.hear the merchants”she was dancing,shaking and moving her large body so well that observers were shockedthat she could dance so well.she was getting s much attention that lo and behold the un-imaginable happened..adaoras wig flew off her head and landed on the floor.her not so tidy hair was revealed and both the actress and observers had their mouth wide open in shock.immediately she was transformed from a highclass chic to a local chic and she hid by the corner for the rest of the night.there is no pun whatsoever intended but i think this actress deserved the disgrace she brought upon herself.let us thank God that it is not her black bra or huge underwear that flew off.chineke we thank you oh..has she taken off that sweaty,smelly wig and cleaned up her hair?please if you can brave it when you see her,move closely and check out if she is still wearing that wig but please hold your breathe while you are at it!..still no pun intended please!

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