It is always very interesting when two men fight over a lady; it makes her feel like a real queen or a treasure hunt. But it goes awry when ladies fight over a man because they can go to any length to win the fight.

An irate white woman, Lulu Kiity has described two Kenyan ladies who she claimed were making amorous moves and touching her husband as “Black Monkeys”. A name which has a long historical line from the period when the Europeans first made contact to African soil.

Kiity took to her facebook page and rained several abuses on the two Kenyans as she warns them to leave the man who she described as her husband alone for he belongs to her forever.

Reacting to the post, one of the ladies, Sarah Gathua said Kiity was her boyfriend’s ex, and does not have a say in the new relationship. She advised her(Kiity ) to move on with her life since they have already broken up.

Check out the conversation below.