It is no longer news that the biggest hurdle any one coming into the music industry faces is how to get his music across to potential listeners. This situation is made worse by how deep the practice of payola.


Payola is an act that began in the United State of America were dee Jay’s illegally collects money or other inducement from record companies for the broadcast of recordings on commercial radio in which the songs are presented as being part of the normal day’s broadcast.

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Now many industry players have condemned this act but for ace dee jay Ogyano, the practice cannot stop any time soon.

Why? we inquired, The fault rest squarely on Nigerian artiest, because they are ungrateful. In as much as I do not support the collection of money from any one before you play their song on radio or in your club.

But those who collect money say they do so because, when you support an act to get to the next level it becomes impossible for you to reach them again. When you need them for ordinary radio interview to help your show for the day they won’t show up.”

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“You will only see them again when they have a new project to promote. That is why these DeeJay’s are like; let me get my dues before I play your song so that the relationship will only be on business bases.”

However, the CEO OF O.G.Y, N Entertainment says if artiest should begin to see Dee Jay’s as friends and answer them when necessary then the habit of “you must pay me before I play will drastically reduce.

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The mobile man on the wheels on steel who is usually a guest dejay at Eko Fm, cool Fm and a host of other radio station also talked about the poor relationship among deejays.

“I am someone who believes in doing business with a human face, so when I discover you are being funny I will shot you out. What am I trying to say, great Dee Jay’s like our big brother Jimmy Jatt, Neptune, Exclusive and other top dogs in the game have been trying their best to help lift young professional but bad eggs have abused the opportunities that is why it looks like every dee jay is on his own” he opined©