Some people are addicted to eavesdropping on bedroom or closed door conversations and recently, one of the guys in my neighbourhood said he was horrified to overhear her younger sister telling someone that her name was Anita Baker?

What will be your reaction when you find out that your girlfriend of many years has loved you under a fake name and that her real name is Mgbeke, Idowu, Aliero or Hannatu rather than the ‘white’ names you’ve always known her with?

It was when I gave a female friend a call last week that I realized how serious the situation was.

I called her a day after she gave me her number and she replied: “who is this?” In the ensuing altercation between the two of us, I asked: “are you not the one who gave me your number?” She said yes, but insisted on knowing my name first.

I was stubborn and insisted on hearing her name on the line and she said that her name was Alicia Keys and sounded like a half-caste babe to complement it.

I was so bewildered that I didn’t know what to say at that moment. I felt so much pain in my heart and felt so weak that I thought I was having a stroke.

In all my confusion, I was sure that I was speaking with Chinyere who has never left the shores of this country and has never seen Alicia Keys. But, before I could say Jack Robinson, the line dropped out.

I knew it was no network failure, but her attempt to cover up a case of impersonation and an attempt to cheapen the status of that great singer.

How do you feel about the behaviours of these con ladies. They are memorizing the names of accomplished super stars and celebrities and are using them freely.

What’s in a name anyway? Why do our girls believe that a guy is likely to be attracted to names such as Sandra, Vicky, Ann, and so on and believe that our African names are a dent to their beauty?

Our girls should grow up and reject inferiority complex and I didn’t even know that this girl of mine was throwing gold in the mud because her real name ‘Chinyere’ means ‘Gift’ in English.

If she were in her right senses, she wouldn’t have gone for a fake name when she had such a proud African name. It was just a wrong move and I wasn’t impressed