Most ladies in Nigeria want to be light skinned. They envy those who are naturally light skinned. So in a bid to copy them they go bleaching so as to be light skinned. Some even bleach their skin to white.

Lagos beautician, Bismid Cosmetics boss has come out to beg women not to bleach. She told City People this a few weeks back. “I am totally against Bleaching and I tell all the women I meet to leave their natural skin colour alone. I always advice ladies not to go for harsh cream, because there is no harsh cream that does not have disadvantage. You either get burnt and there is no remedy or you have skin discolouration or blemishes all over you. So I normally beg them, persuade them.

That is why we introduce all these flowing packs all over the place and people now appreciate it. If you are glowing you wouldn’t even bother that you are not fair, because if you are glowing people will like to be your friend, they will talk to you, they will touch you, they will like to feel your skin, they will say wow you are glowing.

Now, I have been trying to change their orientation that it is not about bleaching. Once you bleach your skin, and your skin gets spoilt that is the end. No remedy.

This is the message I always pass on to all young ladies. Don’t bleach. All you need is to let your skin glow. I have been pleading and begging ladies should try as much as possible to maintain their skin complexion. And if they want to be light, they can tone. There is no problem in one toning. I have noticed that with this our harsh weather, the recession and the problem Nigeria is having, people get dark easily. If they can get back their complexion, may be a 2 shade, 3 shades light but not white. It’s better for them to exfoliate and make their skin glow. If you glow it looks superior to all these bleaching. When you bleach you have different colours, Coke and Fanta. Must you bleach?

Do you know that even men don’t appreciate women who bleach? People like women with even complexion not bleaching. If you bleach you will have blemishes all over you, you will have serious burns on your face, and you can’t go outside freely. People will just avoid you. Let us maintain our skin. Let us love our complexion. God created everybody, good. I always counsel young ladies not to bleach. I tell them not to bleach, I advice them to use Shea Butter, so that they can glow.

On how women can get the best cream for their skin, Bismid says they should not go and mix creams. I always advice women not to jump about looking for creams. It spoils their skin. The best way to take care of your skin is to eat balanced diet.

Drink a lot of water. Eat a lot of fruits. Go to Spa. Relax yourself. I give them some guidelines to follow. A lot of people don’t even need c ream yet. It is just giving them advice and lecture than on how not to look discoloured.

My message to a lot of ladies is that they should know that looking good is not about c reams. There are ways you can look good and very beautiful. Number one, is eating good food. Not thinking. Take a lot of fruits. Do your exercise. Be contented with whatever you have. Do not put yourself under pressure. A lot of ladies get worried that some other ladies are driving jeep. They will say is it because she is light skinned? Is it because she is white? So, me too I must be white. Then, they start moving from one skin place to another. Everything is not about creams. Once you walk in here and you say you want cream, I sit you down and ask you questions. What is the problem? Some skin look dehydrated all the time. So we normally advice that they take a lot of water. Water is a solution. I don’t  exploit my clients. I just tell them what they need to do. I don’t charge them. That is why a lot of women come here. I see about 500 women who come here daily. I can boast of having more than 500 customers a day, because they know that when it comes to the products, it is so cheap, packaging is 2nd to none here. We have  reasonable price. We are the best. All our creams are affordable like N2,000 or N3,000. Women who come to Bismid get their creams at reasonable price. That is what I believe in.

For how long has she been doing this. “16 years,” she says. “I still can’t believe it is 16 years already. Honestly I didn’t know Bismid will grow this big.