Why I dumped producing for singing – Young John

A popular singer and music producer, John Udomboso, aka Young John, has stated why he dumped producing for singing.

According to the entertainer, his mother’s death inspired him to make the switch.

In a recent interview, the Aquafina singer said, “What really triggered that was back in 2017 when I lost my mum. I started spending so much time by myself. I was not turning up for my studio sessions or being in the studio with artistes, like I used to. So, I had so much music lying around, because I was recording so much. That period made me to start putting out music, because I never really planned to do that.

“However, it feels so good and amazing. I feel blessed, regardless of what the outcome is. I never saw this coming, and I did not plan for it. I am releasing my debut album now, and it feels so surreal. The love has been crazy, since I started putting out music. A lot has happened in my life, and I feel so blessed, regardless of what anyone thinks.”

On what fans should expect from the album, he said, “It is big summer vibes; the right transition into summer time.”