Funke Akindele a.k.a jenifa is a top act in the nollywood industry, in a recent chat she talked about her carrier and life excerpt;

What is the latest on your career?
I just finished two projects entitled, The Ransom and The Return of Jenifa. Then, we are also working on Dasofunjo. The Ransom and The Return of Jenifa, by the grace of God, will hit the cinemas in December this year and January 2011.

What should people expect, especially from The Return of Jenifa?
Oh my goodness! Everything is a bang. I am sure they will be expecting something big from Jenifa. They want to watch a better Jenifa. Technically, it’s a bang and story wise, it is a bomb. They will definitely enjoy it and learn a lot from it. Don’t forget, Funke Akindele is a Youth Ambassador, I like doing something that will affect the lives of the Youth positively and they will see that in The Return of Jenifa.

What do you think separates The return of Jenifa from Jenifa?
The fact that we went deeper into the problems of youths is actually what separates The Return of Jenifa itself. We want the youths to discover their specialties and make good use of their God given talents so that they too can become useful to themselves and the nation as a whole.

There is this tale in town and that you have been dropped by Lagos State tax advert?
I was shocked when I saw it in one paper. I can’t understand the message and I don’t know where they got what they wrote. The only thing I have done for Lagos so far is the tax promo on TV and I also I supported NAWOCA, that is the NATIONAL WOMEN COALITION on HIV/AIDS. I am an ambassador. All interest of youths, who I am passionate about. But personally, I have not actually treaded the details of the story. I am sure my management will definitely do something about it.

Do you actually have any problem with the Lagos State government concerning the promo for effective Tax payment?
I don’t have any problem with Lagos State government. Don’t forget, I am a Lagosian, I am from Ikorodu. I love Lagos State to the core, Sulia Kan, Lagos State Kan. So, I don’t know what could have brought about the story. It was just a mere fabrication.

A lot has also been said about you, but the one that is an issue on the lips of many in the industry and beyond is that you have allowed fame to drive you crazy and make you arrogant, is that correct?
Hmmm, sticks and stones, I believe can break my bones, but words can’t do me anything. If you keep listening to what people are saying about you, you will lose focus. Definitely, I am not what people are saying, I believe in being very humble yourself in God can lift you up. I am not in any arrogant. I am only focused and disciplined.

Why are you the issue in the movie industry?
Oh! I am an issue because God has made me a success. He has blessed my work; his hand on success has been upon me and my career. And because my fans do a lot, and also because people are see something special about Sulia Kan, Aiyetoro Kan.

Currently, how much do you charge if must consider any script at all?
I collect like N350, 000 in the Yoruba movie genre, but it is in the English movie genre, I do take up to N500, 000 and above.