Controversial skit maker, Amarachi Amusi, aka Ashmusy, has revealed how she rejected N20 million to post and vote for a particular presidential candidate.

Although, she didn’t mention the name of the presidential candidate, she stated that she is not willing to sell her soul to the devil because of money.

Taking to her Instagram, Ashmusy further stated that for her family, she had to blatantly reject the advert offer.

“Confession, I got offers of N10 million to 20 million for one political post. (For the other candidate that we don’t want). It was tempting, I won’t lie.

“But realising that I am going to be selling my soul to the devil, realising my children, grandchildren, family, loved ones, will be in the country suffering because I made a stupid decision to post/vote for the wrong person. I said a big no!

“Because in this country, even the rich are suffering. How can I work so much to make my money in naira, just for the naira to be dropping like pure water everyday. If you change it to pounds or dollars, you will just cry. Please we are all tired, forget. Abeg”, she wrote.