Remilekun Oshodi also known as Remi Sirutu, has revealed that she was once moonlighting as a mortuary attendant while acting during the day.


The actress, who in July lost her first daughter to sickle cell anaemia in an interview with Punch, disclosed that she became a mortuary attendant to spite her mother, who didn’t want her to pursue a career in acting.

“There was a time I used to work at the funeral home, Ebony Casket, to be precise. I dined with the living and the dead. I worked at LASUTH inside the morgue with Aunty Taiwo Ogunsola.

“I wanted something different, a rare field to play in. I felt that if my mother did not want me to do what I wanted to do, then I would do something extremely different. I wanted to frustrate her,” Remi told the paper.

Speaking of her experience of the morgue, she told the publication, “I was not scared when I was working at the morgue because I did not kill them, they died. If no one takes care of the dead, who will? The fact that some people think that you may see some metaphysical things when working in the morgue is a lie. I did not see anything out of the ordinary while working there.”