When mentioning Fuji legends, Kollington Ayinla cannot be missing from that list. He has spanned over a decade in the industry and his songs is still very relevant in the industry.

The Fuji star is known for his unique way of singing that stands him out from other Fuji singer, which is the fact that he sings about the country.

In a recent interview when he was asked about how he perceives the situation of the country, this is what he said. “I believe that President Muhammadu Buhari is trying his best as far as corruption is concerned. But as he is building the house, some people are pulling it down. If we have to say the truth, corruption is widespread in the country. Even the unborn child is corrupt”

Decades ago, whenever there were major changes on the socio-political scene, Kollington would be among the first musicians to sing about it. 

He has always have that believe that the sole duty of an artiste is to enlighten the masses on happenings in government and it gradually became like a tradition for the singer.

On why he no longer sings about the country he disclosed that Nigerians, especially their leaders, have not made use of all he has sung in the past.

Adding more, he further said, with the level of corruption in the country, there was hardly anything that anyone could do to turn things around.