Stunning Nollywood actress, Nkiruka ‘Kiki’ Omeli has expressed reservations about celebrities who live extravagant lifestyles, stressing how much elegance can be found in simplicity.

For the medical doctor-turned-actress, living an extravagant life does not translate to being elegant, trendy or fashion savvy but a waste.

According to the actress, simplicity is elegant, which is why she would never envy celebrities who live extravagantly.

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In a chat with WG, the actress expressed passionate love for simplicity, emphasizing how she finds satisfaction and elegance in living a very simple lifestyle unlike many of her colleagues in the movie industry. “Well, truth be told, I’m a strong believer that simplicity is elegant, I’m comfortable in my skin, I’m just being me generally, I’m not trying to be somebody else, I’m comfortable in my space.


That’s it basically, simplicity is elegance”, she said.

On her opinion about the extravagant lifestyle her colleagues usually display on social media, she said; “I can’t speak for anyone else.

What I project on Instagram and other social media platforms is my life, my life when I’m not on set. I think I’m elegant in my simplicity, I can only speak for myself and not for anyone else.’