At a first encounter with this delectable model, 19-year-old Oiza Olayebi, you will surely marvel at her long and well-shaped legs, freshness, youthfulness, good eyebrows, adequate height, good cheekbones and a great walk both on the runway and on the red carpet.

It was not hard to discover that she is photogenic, stunning, interesting and has good attitude, perfect presence and extraordinary carriage. Surely, a beautiful one has been born into Nigeria’s modeling industry. She can display various facets and character, which make her a fine model.

Also, her perfect eyes, nose and chin give her a unique look while her strong walk speaks volumes of her competence on the runway. She has a great personality and also very knowledgeable and outspoken. You will love her because she can play various parts by showing different emotions and adapting to various characters.

She is surely a combination of beauty and brains and after our recent encounter with her, we can authoritatively declare that she has the potential of becoming a world-class model and one of the best in the world. Apart from having a great body and a cute and classic face, which makes her a gladiator while on the catwalk, she is versatile, sexy, confident, fresh, mature and unique.

Her good height allows her to turn out perfectly in pictures and on the runway. She is an exceptional model and has the ability to stun her audience while doing the catwalk.

She uses her sexy eyes to achieve anything in a picture while her confidence helps her to glow in pictures, on the red carpet and even on the runway. We learnt that she is never belittled by any setting, however big and elaborate.

Her body, we discovered, is delicate and right for her job as a model. She has perfect face features, which blends with her beauty and extraordinary eyes to give her an ideal character. Her smiles are not fake but, cute and always present a message of warmth.

One will surely find her perfect bone structure, good cheekbones and jaw line irresistible. She has a good walk, which is not just a strut but, very versatile.

Her strong personality separates her from most of her peers. She is not just a model, who is bubbly or clueless but, has a good sense of humor and is also interested in the arts and current international affairs.

She is versatile in pictures with numerous facial expressions, unique angles, and the natural ability to look great in a picture. She said she can interact/network with prospective clients.

When we met her recently at the Silverbird Galleria in Lagos, she was amazing and liked by many present at the popular hangout. We found her good for the runway because she definitely has long and well shaped legs. We could also see that was healthy in the skin.

This young and aspiring Nigerian is working hard to become one of the greatest models that ever lived. She wants to outperform and even overtake the feats achieved by great models such as Naomi Campbell and our own Agbani Darego, who was once rated as the most beautiful woman in the world. She is hot and also wants to surpass the achievements of models such as Gisele, Karolina, Cindy, Tyra Banks, Hana Soukupova, Vlada and Tatiana.

She told us that she has a good work ethic as well as the physical and emotional requirements for the job.

In conclusion, she is strong, secure and not vulnerable. She is a model, who wants her job to impart positively on the society. She wants to be a role model to others and become a leader in her country in the nearest future.