There are various reasons why people go to the bank. Some people complain that they are not treated too well when they go to the bank because they have to wait for several hours before they can do some bank transaction.

In order to serve you right, banks have assigned different account officers to manage and monitor individual account.

Knowing and establishing a good rapport with your account officer will save you a whole lot of stress and help you to enjoy better services.

In case you don’t know, the following are the benefits why you should know your account officer.

Loans: Your ability to get closer and establish a relationship with your account officer gives you a high chance of getting your loan application approved. Because he will be able to examine the way money comes in and out of your account and advise accordingly on it which will be easy for you to get your loan request granted.

Cheque confirmation:  The bank can easily reach you through your account officer to confirm if you really issued any cheque before it is paid. 

Financial advice: You can go to your bank for financial advice concerning what you want to invest your money in like, stock, bond and so on. Your account officer can give you advice on how and where to invest your idle money to earn you great interest

Account verification: Your account officer can assist in verifying transactions on your account. When you do an online transfer and the receiver did not get the money. You can put a call through to your account officer to know what has really happened instead of the stress of going to the bank.

Better services: With your account officer, you can resolve issues that arise on your account without being present in the bank. He can also help you to get some services like assisting in processing foreign exchange for your foreign trips, advising you on what to do if you have issues with your online accounts among others.