Ladies man, Kiss Daniel is living to its fullest. The singer said that fame has not changed him because he is the same old him. People that knew him from way back still come to him and they can confirm that he haven’t changed, he assured.

“I am an introvert, so there aren’t many people that can influence me. I still hang out with the same set of people I used to spend time with when I was a kid.”

Women are crazy about Kiss Daniel, however, he has his own type of woman “I like ambitious women who are intelligent, can think for themselves and envisage the future. There are some women that can tell you a lot of ways to properly spend and invest N10m and you would be amazed. That is the type of lady I want, a woman who can drown you in her thoughts. I don’t want the type of woman that would only think about how to twerk and spend your money. I like twerking and I’m not saying it’s bad but when it comes to choosing the woman I would live with for the rest of my life, I think intelligence is more important. There will come a time when ladies would not be able to twerk again because of old age.

He said that recession has not affected him “Recession is a thing of the mind and there are a lot of people who are still living large. I know someone who recently bought a house of N350m. As for me, I am sure of getting shows every weekend and my bank account being credited with millions of naira. On the average, I perform at about five weddings monthly and sometimes, the figure is higher, coupled with other shows. I am happy that I am making money and I am thankful to God and my fans for that.