The other day as I was doing my usual evening jog around my estate, I came across a pair, a young lady probably in her really early twenties and a man who appeared to be no less than 55years old.

They were cuddling and kissing in his G-wagon Mercedes SUV…pardon me for prying but I couldn’t help but notice two people inside a car at night snorkelling. This sight I had witnessed was not new or alien to me because it’s OK to be naughty with your significant other sometimes.

But it got me thinking, what would such a young lady at that age be doing with a man who probably has children her age at home with a wife who I’m sure is fully aware of her husband’s extra marital affairs?

Let’s face it, the idea of dating a married man is nothing new to anyone who has been living in Nigeria, as a matter of fact, these married men now prefer to take their girlfriends/mistresses out for social events.

People have different reasons for doing what they do and I am not here to tell or teach anyone about a certain kind of moral standard, because I believe everyone chooses a lifestyle that suits their needs and goals in life and so be it.

I have come across a few ladies who live lavishly off these rich men who provide for their every need down to their mobile credit and what I always hear from each of them is ‘the end justifies the means’.

I could simply say that if you want to live the nice life and reside in the luxurious apartments over on the island, how about you get yourself a job and work hard for your money. Again, people could rightfully disagree with me, because let’s face it, working to get to that level (if at all you find a job) will take years as opposed to just sleeping with ‘oga chief’ for a few hundred thousand naira and a new car.

I hear a lot of girls who justify their actions by explaining that dating rich men has saved their lives and taken them out of poverty stricken backgrounds, they are able to take care of their families there by releasing the burdens of their parents. ..hmm…that’s a good point I must confess! Again this is where we raise the issue, does the end justify the means?

I am not saying its only females from poor background that partake in this act, because I am aware that quite a few ladies from comfortable homes also date married men to maintain their lifestyle.

So here lies the question, does the means justify the end. Is it OK to date a married rich man in order to pay your way through life’s tough challenges or would you rather uphold your dignity and work diligently until till you get that break in your career if at all you ever do?
I will not condemn or commend anyone for the kind of life they choose to live but I would like to know what you all think about this.