Every dedicated fun of his beloved celebrity must know everything about the life of his idol. So, here you will be able to know about Lil Kesh net worth and also Lil Kesh house and cars.

Firstly, you need to find out about Lil Kesh background. His birth name is Keshinro Ololade. He is considered to be one of the most popular Nigerian singer and songwriter. His parent are representatives of Yoruba nation. Now he is only 21 years old. Just imagine!

Great popularity came to him just after the releasing of his song called Shoki. This song has immediately become a leader among other worldwide known radio hits.

Speaking about his early life, you should know that his birthplace is believed to be the suburbs of Lagos which is called Bariga.

He came into the limelight and began to sing in the public with releasing his songs, after the appearance of the decisive for his faith song with the name – Lyrically. A great majority of Nigerian universities has welcomed this song as a real hit.

His current affiliated record labels are YBNL and YAGI.

Speaking about Lil Kesh net worth, nowadays it has reached $1 million.

Not long ago he received a new car. Lil Kesh car is believed to be a new brand Range Rover. It was a present for his 21st birthday.

The latest information is that one of the 3 top record labels has offered him to join their record label, as an incentive he was suggested a gift – house in Lekki and a car – Mercedes Benz. What will he choose?