It has been 7 years since Yemi Eberechi Alade won the ‘Peak Talent Show’ and her journey to stardom has been on the upward side, with amazing songs like  “Fimisile” and “Jonnny”, which was leaked on the internet. She had made news last when she basically accused BET of treating Africans badly by giving the awards backstage. Well, one thing that Yemi Alade is often accused of doing is exposing her body on some of her videos and she has reasons for doing such.

There was a time she would beg producers to produce songs for her and because she didn’t have any money, she would have to beg them with fuel to record for her. Then, she would be booked for shows that she ended up not performing because people thought she was going to arrive the show and waste their time.

Fortune shined upon Yemi Alade about two to three years ago when she started getting paid for her work. Actually, the first payment was little “My first pay was like twenty thousand naira and before I got that, my manager had to hold the person by the shorts! I’ve encountered a lot of obstacles and challenges but we thank God.

Finally, she has this about her excessive display on her videos “Wow. I won’t say I support it but, sometimes, n-udity is art. Although when it is in excess, these days, it actually doesn’t make sense and is no longer appealing. Maybe, at a point, it was but now it’s grouse. These ladies portraying nudity in videos are grown-ups. They have chosen to do that with their lives and if that is the value of their bodies to them, then so be it. It’s grouse to me.