Nigerians are not strangers to skin bleaching, lightening and whitening especially among the female celebrities . This is the reason Dabota Lawson is asking why Nigerians are so bothered about those who alter their skin colours.

This has generated a hot debate on her social media page.  One of her followers had said that the only reason why Nigerians seem to have something negative to say when someone wants to change something on their body is mostly because they don’t have the opportunities to do the same so they decide to hate.

Dabota has asked  “Why are people so pained when someone alters or change something about their own body, is it your body, money or life? Why all the aggression and hate towards another person because they choose to change something about themselves. What’s really the problem?”

A lot of Nigerian celebrities have been accused of bleaching in the past especially the female ones. While most if not all of them have attributed their fairer skin to good living, some of them have admitted they did undergo a bleaching process.