Sarumi Olaribigbe is one cute hunk in Nollywood who ply his craft in Nigeria ,South-west and other African countries.


The actor cum filmmaker is often being described as a gifted film maker and actor but one issue that keep sticking out its neck is the allegation that sarumi is a gigolo.

When contacted to clear the air on this allegations, the New York Film academy trained film maker admitted to hanging out with older friend including women but debunk the rumor that he is a gigolo, querying why some Nigerian believe every young man who live a good life is involved in something dirty.

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According to him: , “I don’t get you; first of all, I don’t know what you are talking about. So a young guy cannot work hard and then enjoy himself anymore in a country like Nigeria? because I keep company of a few older friends, especially the female ones.

Does it mean I am having a fling with them and in return they pay me? Can we please leave this alone, it’s sickening. Well, I’m not the type that judge people. So, if anyone is into it, no qualms, it’s their choice. Sarumi also talked about his upcoming projects and challenges in the movie industry.

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“The major challenge that I have been facing as a producer is piracy. I would advise that the government come to our aid to fight and eradicate piracy.

Right now, my next movie is something new and spectacular. And when I am done with it, the media will sure be the first to know. I’ll be visiting some countries in the United States of America for a thorough research on the project. It’s something to watch out for.

We are taking the brand a step further.” He concluded.©