Nigerian comic star Yomi Black is indeed filled with joy has his marriage with his wife Elizabeth turns 6 years together. Many have embarked on this path but never make it this far or fall out of it at the process of starting but Yomi’s case is different.

The couple who are filled with gratitude and joy took out time to share some beautiful messages.

Yomi wrote: “Time stood still 6 years ago when we decided to go against all odds and get on this ride together. It was a classic romantic script of boy and girl running wild at their emotions, driving into the unknown.

A place no algorithm or simulations could ever predict, a place that makes heaven need an update. A wonderful place that exist with only us, a place where the second hand of time is broken. Thank you for an amazing forever. Happy anniversary @lizjohnblack”

To further spice their blissful union, the wife Lizzy said:

“For 11 years I have known you, for 10 years we have been best friends, for 6 years we have been married and forever we will continue to achieve great success in every aspect of our lives.

All I want to say is THANK YOU @yomiblack Thank you, thank you, thank you 100x. You are literally the best man I know, gosh! There is none like you and there will never be. Your character, principles, wisdom, intellect, and creativity are your strongest qualities and I love you so much for it and more.

 You are too too good to me and our son, you are honest, trustworthy, sacrificing, loyal, forgiving, loving and a strong rock and pillar for us. I love you so much, I knew then in 2012 I made the best decision and in 2018 and onwards, I still choose you. THANK YOU GOD, ALL PRAISES AND GLORY TO YOU.”