Yomi Fabiyi Condemns Cyberbullying Against Lizzy Anjorin

Nollywood actor, Yomi Fabiyi, has condemned the case of assault against his colleague, Lizzy Anjorin, by six Lagos traders.

Fabiyi, who reacted to the incident via his Instagram account, emphasised the futility of violence and condemned various criminal activities including cyberbullying, assaults, and entrapment.

The thespian also called for accountability from both the government and social media platforms like Instagram, particularly targeting ‘criminal’ blogs, while criticising such platforms for their unethical practices, including selective targeting of individuals and lack of journalistic integrity.

Fabiyi stressed the importance of responsible journalism and urged for an end to anonymity in online platforms.

He commended Lizzy Anjorin for pursuing legal recourse instead of retaliating with violence and expressed solidarity with her.

Fabiyi concluded by highlighting the significance of justice in achieving peace and rectifying societal wrongs.