The head of Sahara Reporters Omoyele Sowore, was verbally abused by the minister of communication Adebayo Shittu, who said that the former was inconsequential in politics.

The heated debate took place on air during a current affairs radio program on Fresh FM, Ibadan, owned by Yinka Ayefele.

Sowore fired the opening salvo saying to the Minister, “Minister, it is great to see you. This is the minister of an outgoing regime; the Buhari regime will be kicked off power by 2019,”

The minister clearly irked by this was quick to fight back “By your wish or by God’s wish? You are just dreaming. You are a day dreamer”

Sowore pressed on saying that Nigerians were in the mood for change, to which Shittu replied “Sowore, what’s your electoral worth? Whether in your Ife (sic), home or any part of this country.”

Mr Sowore replied: “My electoral worth brought you to power in 2015. Nobody even heard about many of you in 2014.”

At which point Shittu said “You are inconsequential…”

Undeterred, Sowore continued the argument saying  “I am consequential because you came to power on my back, on our back… on the back of young people who invested a lot of hope.”

An obviously riled Shittu said in response, “What did you invest? Did you invest more than me, No? I will not sit here and allow someone make noise…You are just a noisemaker. You are just a noisemaker.”

Sowore then warned Shittu that his behaviour was reminiscent of people in Jonathan’s camp before they were chased out in 2015.

The debate was a highly feisty one with Shittu saying Sowore was too inexperienced and that the Presidency wasn’t for the likes of him and stating that he had more experience being a former commissioner and a senator and even before that being a lawyer.