The next time that Yvonne Jegede is asked to come to Delta State as a Chief Judge of a beauty pageant, she will be ready to face any type of situation. She ended up left stranded in Delta State after she shamed a corrupt beauty pageant organizer, who wanted her to crown his favourite lady as queen.

 She narrates her horrible experience “I was called to be the chief judge at the Miss Delta Constituency Beauty Pageant that took place on the 24th June in Delta State and while I sat at the table with my fellow judges accessing the contestants making sure we pick who deserves to be queen, the organizer comes to our table to tell us who should win, who his candidate was.”

She said “The entire judges went angry including myself, wondering why you called us to waste our time if you already knew who the winner was. To be honest we stood our ground and picked the winner because, the obvious was stated, even the audience wanted the judges pick. Now the organizer IK is mad at me (Chief Judge) and refuses to buy my return ticket to Lagos and also refuses to pay my hotel bills the next morning.