Do you still Uche Odoputa, who was almost becoming a very famous actor before he was arrested for trafficking drugs in 2007?  He wanted to take the fast route to wealth and found himself in a bigger trouble than he ever anticipated.

His life was altered when he had to spend two years in jail for his offence.

He said “I regret my actions. I was a growing brand and  a lot of people were angered by  my action. I was disappointed in myself. I thank God I came out of prison  a changed person,” he said. , “It took away my career and the little fame I had at that time. Gaining recognition in Nollywood and even among my colleagues  has been a struggle since then.” he said.

He is grateful to some colleagues “The late Amaka Igwe paid part of my legal fees, she was always in contact with me and never abandoned me. She took me under her tutelage after I was freed from prison and taught me directing. While others paid to learn directing , she taught me for free. I was to direct the job she was working on before she died. Up till now, I can’t bring myself to delete her  telephone number. I still hear her voice sometimes. She was a good woman,” he also appreciated John Okafor, popularly known as Mr. Ibu. He used to send me recharge cards which I sold. That enabled me to take care of myself when I was imprisoned.”