The Film producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) is gradually positioning itself properly in the industry as they have started issuing sanctions to industrial players who go contrary to their laid down rules and regulations. Actress Yvonne Nelson has been caught in their web and finding it difficult to come to terms with her sanction.

Our reporters were on set when the fracas between Abdul Salam and Yvonne Nelson started at Spintex road. Though members in the camp of Venus films tried to solve the fracas in doors, things did not work out until the issue went out of hand.

This pushed Venus Boss Abdul Salam to report the incidence to the Film Producers Association of Ghana and although they did not issue any official statement on banning her, rumors making the rounds is that, they have warned their members not to use the leggy actress in their movies for one year. This they want to do till the actress will turn on a new leaf and to apologize through a press conference.

According to our informant, he made it known that FIPAG have not issued any statement of ban on the actress but the topic has been discussed about banning her and if she does not do the necessary thing within some period of time, then the statement of ban will be put on her for one year.

The informant continued that the reason for her ban is not only because of Abdul Salam but other things she has done to other producers. “She knows what she is supposed to do so we hope she will do it before the Film Producers association of Ghana will sit on her issue once again” he told us.

In a chit chat with Yvonne Nelson, she made it known to us that whatever happened between her and Salam is just like a father and daughter affair, so she hopes they will solve it amicably in their own way. She stated that there will be an official statement from her soon through a press conference to her fans and well wishers to stay calm. The Media Relations Officer of FIPAG Mr Socrate Safo was contacted for confirmation on the ban issue but he stated that he has little to say on the issue since the hierarchy of the association has not sat on it when the story came out. “I think the best thing for us to do is to sit on the case as executives before we will know our official position on the Yvonne Nelson issue” Socrate added.

Some members of a subtle actors group known as the Screen actors guild have also extended their plea on the issue to the powers that be. Their main problem was that when issues of this nature goes out of the country, it affects the whole acting industry in Ghana which can also affect their international relations. “We wish the producers will exercise patience on this issue so it does not get out of hands” they added.

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