Pretty Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Okoro, is one of those eligible spinsters in town but she is not ready to settle down yet as she wants to take her time to build an empire for herself first.

To many of these celebs, Marriage is by choice not force as such, they don’t see themselves running faster than their shadows when the topic of settling down comes up and such is the same for the pretty actress.

An eligible suitor had made his intentions known publicly by expressing how he is in dare need of a wife to settle with and he casting his thoughts if his kind of woman, he decided to go with Yvonne and he made his intentions known but was rejected. 

According to him, “Yvonne Okoro, Trust me if I had the opportunity to work with you, and have you beside me , I will make you the happiest woman on earth,” but Yvonne seeing how passionate the dude was appreciated his effort to reach out to her but declined his offer with “How sweet but story story.”