Finally, our filmmakers are making movies about our heroes. I was thrilled to get this information on the screening of “Zum Zum”, The career of Azumah Nelson.

From the slums of Bukom comes the inspirational story of a young man who believed his destiny was to become a King amongst Kings. Azumah ‘Zum Zum – The Professor’ Nelson was the WBC World Champion for over a decade, putting the little West African coastal nation of Ghana on the map.

Silverbird Theater on the 17th of April 2010 will play screening host to the the documentary film about the legendary Azumah Nelson; The Terrible Warrior.

Written and produced by Atlanta based filmmaker Sam A Kessie, the film journeys through the career of the man known in boxing circles as the Professor or as others choose to call him, The Terrible Warrior.

Ghanaians have for decades cherished the exploits of its heroes and Azumah Nelson fits appropriately into such a category. Azumah Nelson fought through obstacles and death of loved ones to emerge one of the world’s greatest boxers.

We follow the humble story of a man who believed in himself and became the Terrible Warrior and, arguably the greatest boxer to come out of Africa. With highlights of rare footage and interviews from Azumah and many others, this is the true testament of the legend’s career.

The documentary is a project aimed at raising funds for The Azumah Nelson Sports Academy in Akuse, Ghana. It is a non profit, non regions and, non partisan organization to develop and inspire less privilege young people. The Akuse project will offer athletic tracks, swimming pools, basketball & tennis courts, a primary & secondary school, a sports medical centre, student hostels, as well as other facilities at an estimated cost of USD $24,000,000

Azumahs’ dream is to provide facilities and opportunities for especially handicapped and disadvantaged youth to achieve full potential regardless of the background they come from.

Tickets for the event are available at Nalems (Accra Mall), Koala, Maxmart and, the Silverbird Theaters, Accra.


There will be an auction of DVDs and Azumah Nelson will be present to sign autographs after the screening.

Ghana fuo, let us support this inspiring initiative from the Professor himself. Zum Zum. It is not only the fun fun movies we should attend, let us support intellectual projects like what this young lady is trying to do.

Remember, SIlverbird Theatre, 17th April at 7pm sharp! Many celebrities will be there. Go watch the movie and meet the stars that shine in Ghana!!