Twelve ambassadors is one such reality show that not only impacts the youths but brings out the creative essence in them. Barely two weeks old, the Nollywood reality show have got thousands of viewers and fans from across the states of the federation. This is because the contest is being held simultaneously in the North, East and Western geopolitical areas of Nigeria hence the contestants are not limited to Lagos alone. The Nollywood show is the first of its kind to explore such dimension and the judgment is based on the creativity and dramatic talents of the contestants.

The selected youths are made to sing, act or dance, under the tutelage of experience judges made up of ace actors and actresses such as ageless Nollywood actress Franka Brown, renowned actor Frank Dallas, Actors Guild president Ejike Asiegbu and others. The show which comes up on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at AIT has great picture qualities and excellent unbiased judges but each time one tries to enjoy the show, the commercials of Unity Bank comes in.

It is an undisputable fact that Unity Bank is the sponsor of this unique show but do they need to come up repeatedly hence obstructing and distracting the viewers from enjoying the show. The show will be appreciated more if the number of commercials is reduced. On a more serious note, Kudos must be given to the organizers of 12 ambassadors and film makers in general since it is the first Nollywood reality show by Nollywood for Naija people.

Another issue is; will the show overcome its teething stage and the many challenges thrown its way? The news reaching us has it that another reality show is trying to take the time slot of 12 ambassadors in AIT. This has led to Mr. Paul Obazele’s continuous trip to Abuja to see if he can retain his time belt with AIT. The Association of Movie Producers (AMP) president and producer of 12 ambassadors have now lost weight dashing from pole to pole. Close Sources has it that he now goes to Abuja as if he is going to Victoria Island.