There is no doubt that Africa is catching up with other continents in terms of tourism and hospital. Gone are the days when we visit Africa and see the ancient still holding the continent to ransom with unattractive sites.  

Countries like South Africa, Morocco, Kenya and Nigeria have become some of the few places where millions of tourists visit yearly, yet, it still has a long way to embrace the fast pace of the industry. We have listed some of the travel trends that will change Africa’s tourism.


Airbnb coming to Africa will make tourism more exciting. Once, it was Uber that was wooing a lot of business travelers. Today, Airbnb is gradually taking its place in some countries in Africa. 2016 will be a great tourist year for Africa as hundreds of luxury home owners are putting out their homes for rent. It brings home closer to a traveler’s home.


One day, Uber may become the magic word for taxi booking in Africa. The process of using this app may take time and lots of adverts but if it ever takes its stance in Africa, it is going to change the face of tourism here.  With Uber, money and time can be saved especially for companies who are working with it or using it.

New seat concepts

Traveling can be fun if your air cabin seat is designed to be cool and comfortable. Zodiac Aerospace has made this demand possible with its HD-31, where passengers can face each other.  The design has made it possible for better flight experience. Space has become a luxury and if some airlines in Africa can embrace this, comfort and luxury will blend perfectly.

Third-party fees

What is this third party fees during flight bookings? Thanks to Lufthansa for going ahead with a Global Distribution System, where passengers are charged $17 to book outside of its official website. Global Distribution System is computers that are built for reservations and any airline that makes use of it is charged for any booking through it. However, travel bookers hate it.