Nigerian Nollywood actor Osita Iheme largely referred to as paw-paw may soon be a Governor, Senator or a President very soon in Nigeria.

The actor has issued that his political dreams is still on the right track as he has not relented his ambitions in holding one political post before he departs the earth.

With his current fan base and popularity well if elections should be practiced in a free and fair way he may emerge successful but otherwise it will just remain a dream.

In a recent interview with the punch, the 36 year old script interpreter has revealed that

“While growing up, I didn’t have anything particular in mind that I wanted to do. I just grew up and found myself acting. Like I said earlier, I started my acting career in church and from there; I picked up the interest to become an international actor. By the special grace of God, I still have a political ambition. I have always wanted to be a leader so as to provide good things for my people. There is something that keeps pushing me to do that and I cannot seem to shrug it off. I know that when the time is right, the dream would become a reality.” He said

Paw-paw recently opened his hotel at Owerri in Imo State, and he said that the reason for delving into hotel business is to help create employment to the unemployed youths in the country.