Popular Yoruba actor, Yomi Fabiyi, has just exposed himself to the world on what he is capable of doing to a lady who walks up to him of being a true fan.

The actor recently shared a picture of him giving a lady a French kiss at a bus stop and he bragged about it that it was he can do to any fan that approaches him.

According to him, the lady whose name is Rachel, had walked up to him to make the demand for the kiss which he could not turn down.

“I respect my fans. She requested for a “FRENCH KISS” and I obliged her. Rachel is a beautiful young Lab scientist. She couldn’t hide her joy when she first saw me, she love my acting and movies. This was in a bus stop you know. I APPRECIATE MY CORE-FANS(Followers), THEY ARE MY BREATHE. Some fans are FOLLOWERS and some are just ordinary SUPPORTERS. Ha Ha Ha those evil fake accounts should please NOT comment oh. MATURE MINDS, FANS DELIGHT,” he wrote.

The actor noted that he can only kiss female fans and will not go close to male or females who are not straight as he will not be able to stand 14 years imprisonment.

In his words, “I no they give male French kiss oh. With due respect to gays, bi’s and lesbians, it is 14yrs pere. I appreciate you all. Some fans will ask I help call their mum or benefactors on their birthdays and I do oblige them.”