Nigerian Nollywood actress Liz Da Silva has a personal thought on who actors really are, many don’t see them as been worthy to emulate but the actress has said otherwise.

Liz Da Silva has issued that she can go at any length just to interpret her role so as many people will understand what she is portraying even when she may be criticized.

She further affirmed that acting is more than a mere script interpretation saying it is a replica of teaching the society by portraying their ordeals through drama.

She likened actors to preachers as she said that they both teach the society on the right things to do.

“I am very passionate about my job and there is no length I cannot go to interpret my roles. That’s because whatever we do has a way of touching people out there. A lot of times, fans have come to tell me how some of my movies touched them.

Some of them even say that the role I played in some movies was the exact thing that they were going through, and that the way my character reacted helped them to know what steps to take. We, actors, are just like preachers because we teach the society a lot of things, and that’s why I take it very serious. I don’t take my job for granted at all.” She said.