For those Nollywood actors that go about drinking and popping various expensive drinks in town, well, a veteran in the industry in person of Charles Okafor, has a message for you.

Charles has happened to emerged as one that can be best described as a gentleman and though his face might be a bit scarce, yet to understands his craft and still available when called upon for any movie role.

The actor recently speaking about himself, revealed that he does not drink nor smoke because the tools in which an actor needs to work with are his voice and body.

He pointed out that those that really want to take acting professional needs to keep fit and drill their voices or else, they will not be able to meet their socio-economic needs.

“I neither drink liquor nor smoke. Basically, I want to make it clear to my colleagues in the industry who are still into drinking and smoking that the actor’s major tools are his voice and body. You need to exercise the body to keep it in form, to keep it fit. You need to drill your voice, and cigarette smoking and alcohol do not complement these exercises. That is if you want to take acting as a professional calling from which you will earn your living and attend to your socio-economic needs,” he said.