A Nigerian Political Activist, Omoloye Sowere and founder of Sahara Reporters has said that Nigerian politicians “lie first before they admit their crimes”.

He said this during an interview with TVC on their program tagged “This morning” with Yori Folarin. He said that the trend among politicians when they are caught in criminal act is that they find a way to lie until they are proven guilty.

Speaking about the ongoing case of the Senate President, Bukola Saraki at the Code of Conduct Bureau, he said that he has always known Saraki as professor in stealing. He started his stealing career in 1992 when he stole 500,000 naira from the bank, and in 2005, he looted another fund.

He added that although the information about Saraki’s criminal act is in public domain, the Code of Conduct Bureau of public proceeding came 10years late. He berates Nigerians for prioritizing financial criminals.

Sowere also said that their media platform does not accept as a matter of policy adverts from Government bodies and officials and this has enabled them do their work without compromising the truth like other media platforms.

He furthered that the problem with the anti-graft war is that it has outlasted to do the will of the corrupt. The people who are corrupt have figured out a way around the war against corruption. And those who are fighting the war have psychomented the war. He said he was not sure if the citizens were still convinced that the war is still on cause.